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Price List:


*All holsters available in Standard Front Pocket, Rear Pocket and Limited Edition Front Pocket unless otherwise noted.
*All holsters available in Black, Brown or Mahogany/Right or Left Hand.
Standard Front Pocket $60
Rear Pocket $60
Limited Edition $65
Magazine Pouches $25
Add $6 to all orders for Shipping and Handling

Firearms Available:

              Autauga .32

          Baby Browning .25/Bauer

          Beretta Tomcat

          Boberg Arms XR9S

          Colt Gov't

          Colt Mustang

          Colt Pocket 9

          Colt Pony

          Diamondback DB380 (Standard Front Pocket Only)

          Kahr P380 with or without Crimson Trace Laser

          Kahr PM9, with or without Crimson Trace Laser (Limited Edition Not     Recommended)    

          Kahr PM40 (Limited Editon Not Recommended)

          Kel Tec 32, 3AT (1st and 2nd Generation)

          Kel Tec PF9, P11 (Limited Edition Not Recommended)

          Micro Desert Eagle 380

          NAA Guardian .32 & 380

          Rohrbaugh R9

          Ruger LCP 380 with or without Crimson Trace Laser

          Seecamp .32 & 380

          S&W Bodyguard 380

          Springfield Arms XD-s (Limited Edition Not Recommended)

          Taurus 709-S (Limited Edition Not Recommended)





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